The Cutest Thing EVER!

Ethan has been home sick Monday & Tuesday this week. I thought his allergies were just acting up, but I his words......he's "coming up with a cold."

Today, I felt as if he was well enough to join his class again. He was MORE than ready to head back to school. Not only was he playing school every moment while at home, but this morning he kept asking me when it was time to go. He missed school. LOVE!

Well, Ethan has shared his cold with me....yippee. So instead of walking to school, I decided to drive him. As I opened the side door of the van, he hopped out & waved goodbye.....walking up the walkway to school all by himself.

As I watched him walk into school like a little man, a little girl from his class came running over to him. Her face was all lit up, and I could tell she was excited to see him. She & Ethan had gone to preschool together, so they have been friends for a couple of years....they even went to speech together in PreK. Well, when she got close to him, she grabbed his hand & they walked in to school.....hand in hand.


I was able to capture a picture...though from afar. Hopefully, you can catch the cuteness anyway. :0)