Our Dog, Zuzu

A month ago something amazing happened to our family. We adopted a one year old dog from a shelter. Why is this amazing? Because less than 6 months ago, Ethan was TERRIFIED of dogs. The only dog he ever trusted was the Easter Seal's Therapy Dog, Payton, because she didn't bark. In fact, Ethan never rode elevators until he developed a relationship with Payton.....and she went on elevator rides with him at Easter Seals. Now....almost 2 years later.....Ethan excitedly runs into elevators, ready to push the buttons. Sooooo nice....especially since I can remember carrying him kicking & screaming over my shoulder into elevators. I apologize to anyone who ever rode the elevators with us.

Earlier this school year, Ethan's school invited our local animal shelter to come & do a presentation. Ethan came home from school wanting a dog. LOL! Well, we figured it was just a certain dog or just a phase. However, we started to notice that Ethan was more & more comfortable around dogs. He was seeking them out to play with or asking if he could feed them treats. One sweet moment happened at my sister's house. Ethan got out my niece's doctor kit & wanted to give their family dog a check up! And his Uncle Scott helped him do it! They examined the dog's teeth, tail, belly, and so on. Adorable. And Ethan loved it!

Well, we knew we wanted to adopt from a shelter, but we also knew it had to be just the right dog for our situation. And we visited a couple shelters before we found her.....our sweet Zuzu.

We have had her for about 6 weeks now, and she is such a great addition to our family. She has been good for our only child......encouraging responsibility, thinking of others, as well as realizing his needs are not the only needs in the family. And because we are outside more than before, Ethan has spent a LOT of time practicing riding his bike. And today.......he rode his bike home from school!!!!! (Daddy took his bike up to school & then walked home next to him.) This fur ball has just been such a great addition to our little family!!!