2015 Light It Up Blue - Car Transformation

Two years ago, my husband went WILD for Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue campaign. After that amazing transformation, many product retailers donated items for his next transformation. And.....here it is......


Night time

Not only did he add blue lights to the exterior....the paint is GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!!!
Corey switched out the bulbs in our garage for black lights. When the pigment is "charged," we take it out & it glows!!! He also added blue lights on the exterior & interior of the car. This car really LIGHTS up blue!

Under black lights
Interior & Exterior blue lights added

Ethan LOOOOOVES doing vinyl. He even wraps his diecast Nascar cars in vinyl. So, of course, he was VERY helpful on this project! He decided he wanted his hand on it again & he wanted a heart as well. He installed a lot of the vinyl art on the car.

Corey applying decals
Ethan stopped bike riding to apply vinyl!

Thanks so much to all of the vendors & products who helped with this transformation. Corey will leave his car this way for all of April for Autism Awareness Month!