Second Grade Brings Changes

First grade was hard on us. I still don't know why nor will I probably ever know what made it so difficult on Ethan. BUT!!!! We are into our 2nd week of 2nd grade...and Ethan is doing AWESOME!!! Here is what's new!

1. Ethan no longer has a personal aide. The classroom will have what is called a "transitional aide" to help him get settled the first 6 weeks. She acts as a classroom aide but is secretly there for Ethan. She says he is adapting very well, and does not foresee any issues. WOOHOO!!!

2. I recently emailed Ethan's 2nd grade teacher because we are noticing positive changes at home after school! He is chatty! AND he is using words that are more conversational & less "mimicked or memorized."

3. Because he is doing so well at school, we decided to add another evening activity. Last year, he did Art Class & Swim Class. This summer he proved he could swim in the deep-in independently, so we are changing out Swim Class for Piano Lessons! Only 2 lessons in, and his teacher is saying he is catching on quickly!

4. Due to some new challenges that arose during last year's school year & continued through the summer, we have started taking Ethan to a child psychologist. It is our prayer that she can help him manage his feelings.....frustration, anger, scared, nervous, etc. I am all out of my parenting tricks & tips to help him, so I feel it's once again time to ask the professionals. I really think she will be a benefit to helping Ethan navigate his feelings....much better than his parents can!

5. Church is still an area of struggle for us. While Ethan will go to Sunday School without issue, he still refuses to stay in the large gym area for Children's Church. I am still convinced it is because of his Sensory Processing Disorder & the loud noise/echo of the large gym literally hurts him. So...that is still weighing on my mind & heart.

Overall, Ethan is doing SO WELL! He is well over 4 feet tall, has recently discovered a love of Wii Sports, and is showing a desire to be more independent!!! He is doing better at silent reading, trying new foods, and riding his bike. I'm guessing his training wheels will come off next summer.

He has come such a long way, and we couldn't be more proud of our kid!!!