Illinois Yellow Dot Program

One of my favorite resource websites is The Autism Program of Illinois. They have free printables such as social stories as well as tips for understanding & working with those who have ASD. I encourage you to check them out if you have a relationship with anyone on the spectrum. It really is a great resource!

Well, recently they have partnered with "the Illinois Department of Transportation to promote the Illinois Yellow Dot program, a life-saving, traffic safety initiative that provides first responders with critical information to improve emergency care for persons involved in vehicle crashes."


How wonderful for anyone living with ANY type of disability to have this program in place! Imagine being a situation where you can not communicate to the people trying to help you...this yellow dot will convey it for you! I even like the fact that it's on your car. I keep my car parked in my driveway. If something were to happen in my a fire....those responding would be able to see the yellow dot on my car!

It IS a bit tacky, in my opinion, and obvious to have a yellow circle on the car's back windshield. True. But when it comes to the safety of my kiddo, I will endure a bright yellow dot on my car.

If you are interested in more information, you can go to YellowDotIllinois.Org or watch this video.