First Grade Anxiety

"Mom, I think I need another day off school."

I have heard these words every morning ever since Spring Break ended over a week ago.

This school year has been a very hard one for Ethan. Unforeseen circumstances have caused his classroom to be pretty inconsistent. Both his teacher & his personal aide have had a lot of family emergencies this year, and he has had 2 student teachers. But that is just life.....nothing goes according to our plans, right?

Our Dog, Zuzu

A month ago something amazing happened to our family. We adopted a one year old dog from a shelter. Why is this amazing? Because less than 6 months ago, Ethan was TERRIFIED of dogs. The only dog he ever trusted was the Easter Seal's Therapy Dog, Payton, because she didn't bark. In fact, Ethan never rode elevators until he developed a relationship with Payton.....and she went on elevator rides with him at Easter Seals. Now....almost 2 years later.....Ethan excitedly runs into elevators, ready to push the buttons. Sooooo nice....especially since I can remember carrying him kicking & screaming over my shoulder into elevators. I apologize to anyone who ever rode the elevators with us.

Earlier this school year, Ethan's school invited our local animal shelter to come & do a presentation. Ethan came home from school wanting a dog. LOL! Well, we figured it was just a certain dog or just a phase. However, we started to notice that Ethan was more & more comfortable around dogs. He was seeking them out to play with or asking if he could feed them treats. One sweet moment happened at my sister's house. Ethan got out my niece's doctor kit & wanted to give their family dog a check up! And his Uncle Scott helped him do it! They examined the dog's teeth, tail, belly, and so on. Adorable. And Ethan loved it!

2015 Light It Up Blue - Car Transformation

Two years ago, my husband went WILD for Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue campaign. After that amazing transformation, many product retailers donated items for his next transformation. it is......


Night time

Not only did he add blue lights to the exterior....the paint is GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!!!

A Letter from A Teacher

Today I read a wonderful letter. It was too perfect, so I wanted to repost it here. It moved me to tears and into the ugly cry. I pray that all of Ethan's teachers see him for the gift he is and not only as his diagnosis.

This was written by Sheila who is a teacher & also blogs at Sprinkle Teaching Magic. View her original post here.

Dear Child With Autism-

You brighten each and every day. You may not know this but I look forward to school because of you. I know school is hard. Every day I see the worry on your face. School goes quickly. Daily changes throw you off-course. You worry. About yourself. You cry because you have no friends. No one invites you to their birthday party. You worry about the weather. In a drought, will the animals suffer? You obsess.

"Plenty to Celebrate"

 You may have noticed that I have been absent from writing lately. Shortly after Ethan started school, there was a shift in Ethan. From my point of view, it was more like a answer to this mom's prayers. I talked about that here. Since Ethan's change, I have felt strange about writing. I felt as if I would be betraying Ethan, his growth & his privacy. I just didn't think that this new child would have agreed to me airing all about him. And....if I can't be completely transparent....I can't be me. That's just who I am....real & honest.

So our family is now is a new phase. While Ethan still has ASD, he is wanting so badly to be like his peers & ANYTHING that sets him apart is "bad" in his mind. He wants to be equal with his peers....which in itself is simply amazing. We are seeing Ethan mimic his peers, WANTING to constantly play with his peers, and never wanting to be home. A complete 360. Praise God.

Tips for Thanksgiving - Helping Those on the Spectrum

One of my favorite resource blogs is Different Roads to Learning. I even subscribe to their emails because I don't want to miss anything that they post. This was in my In-Box today, and I feel compelled to share with you all. I love this acrostic so much....hope you do too!