Crafting is GREAT for Fine Motor Skills!

I just LOVE to do crafts. It may have been the thing I most looked forward to doing with my kids when dreaming of being a Stay At Home Mom. I love to do pretty much anything in this area....sewing, painting, and recently....building things.

To say that Ethan loves crafts....well.....that's just a lie. He would much rather do anything else. Because of his sensory issues, he used to scream at the touch of ANYTHING messy, wet, spongy, scratchy, etc. Also, because his fine motor skills were vastly lacking, he would become intensely frustrated when trying to color, cut, pinch, paste. And a frustrated preschooler who also has for a meltdown. So, I would usually do a few crafts with my sister's kiddos (who I occasionally babysit) and hope that Ethan would mimic them....much to my disappointment. I was lucky to get 5 minutes of focus out of him.

But he has made TREMENDOUS strides in his fine motor skills as well as his sensitivities over the last couple of years. And now that he is in Kindergarten, he has brought home more crafts & artwork than I ever imagined he could....or would do. It has been awesome!

Well, I was sent a request from my husband for more Ethan artwork for his work cubicle. Where do we go for art ideas these days? You betcha! Pinterest!

And look who is drawing, coloring, gluing, and touching messy confetti! YEP! That's Ethan! He & my niece sat for a LONG time coloring & adding fall "leaves" to their tree. I just could have melted at the sight of these 2 cuties spending time at our coffee table......crafting! Hope you enjoy watching them too!

 This craft was created at Little Family Fun.
She has a great website with LOTS of craft ideas!