How is Kindergarten Going?

In a word? A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
A Nascar car usually accompanies
us on our walks to school.

We L-O-V-E Ethan's new school and his teachers. Mrs. D is his Kindergarten teacher, and we couldn't have picked a better match for Ethan! She is very organized, clear in her expectations of her students (and their parents), very consistant in her classroom rules & management, and so friendly. She admits being a bit strick during the beginning of the school year, and I love that about her. Eventually this will create a calmer & quieter classroom. All of the kids will know how they are to behave in her care. For Ethan, this will result in less surprises & less anxiety. He will know what is expected & he will learn how to behave in an elementary classroom environment. LOVE.

Ethan isn't the kind of kid that comes home & recounts the entire day to us. We usually find out what is going on at school through observing his play at home. For example, Ethan did something we were very proud of last week. Ethan asked us if we could give him a firework cheer. We immediately knew that this was something from school, and Ethan was able to instruct us on this new way of cheering for a friend. It was adorable.

We have also learned about hallway hands (hand behind your back), keeping your feet on the floor, not using black paint on our water color art, and all kinds of centers. His favorite is the Train Center. :0)

We think he may have a crush on his music teacher. When he talks about Mrs. W, he gets this dreamy eyed look & sheepish's so stinkin' cute. He also really like his "E.P." teacher (P.E. teacher), and his favorite game to play is "Fire Ball, Ice Ball." And we are now playing it at home....with just the three of us. I'm guessing it's a bit more fun with his classmates though. :0)

"Racing" to school with his
Nascar car.
He LOVES going to school, and we do not have any battles in getting ready to go out the door. He helps back his bookbag, enjoys reading his books that come home each day, and help me pack his lunch each day. The word I would use to describe him when we do ANYTHING for school is GIDDY. He giggles, smiles & almost skips as we prepare for school. Even walking to school involves him just about running the whole way there!

This past weekend, all Ethan wanted to play was school. We practiced doing the lunch count, opening ceremonies, rotating centers, and lining up in our new number order. (Ethan already has it memorized....all 25 kids in their number order!) We also got to see Ethan do an impression of his new principal. It was great!

Needless to say, I am OVER THE MOON happy about his classroom placement & this new school. Even his personal aide, Mrs. B, says that he is already showing signs of independence from her. He seems to be thriving in this new environment!

So, to all of you who were involved in Ethan's Early Intervention.......LET'S CELEBRATE!!!! Ethan is taking off & soaring in the elementary environment! I have no doubt that it is due to all of the hard work we all did together in his early years. PROOF that Early Intervention is the way to go, baby!

KINDERGARTEN IS AWESOME!!!! I loved teaching it myself & now I am THOROUGHLY enjoying watching my own child enjoy it. HAPPY TIMES!!!!