Happy at Recess

I got to school a little earlier than usual. I had completed all my errands, and instead of heading back home, I decided to grab one of the coveted parking spots at Ethan's school.

I'm sooooo glad I didn't go home.

As my van approached the school, I could see Ethan class outside. They were enjoying recess. Having a kiddo on the spectrum usually means not a lot is communicated about what goes on at school.....and what is communicated is generally confusing. All we have heard about recess is that he plays "Holding Hands" with a girl in his class. Oh boy.

Well, today I was lucky enough to have a peek at what Ethan does at recess. Since socializing can be a big challenge for Ethan, I envisioned all possible worse case scenarios happening at recess. Bullying, being ignored, not having anyone to play with, and so on.

Well folks, I am pleased to tell you this is not at all what I saw on the playground!!! He was running around with other boys, even a little spinning (which made him a bit easy to spot), and always surrounded by peers. As recess concluded, the children slowly began walking towards the building. Ethan was walking with 2 other boys....Ethan being in the middle. The were talking, laughing, hopping.....just being boys.

I can freeze time? Please?

"Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to view this moment. When I get discouraged or frustrated, please  remind me of this memory. Ethan has come so far.....and I'm so proud of him. Thank you for Ethan & his uniqueness. He is such a treasure."