First Day Of Kindergarten

Well, the day is finally here. What Ethan has been working so hard for over the last 3 years of Early Intervention. His first day of Kindergarten.

He is in a typical Kindergarten classroom with 24 other kiddos. The school has provided Ethan with a personal aide although to the rest of the class she will resemble a classroom aide. She was in Ethan's preschool classroom last year for a child with autism, but that student has moved out of our district. So, Ethan, thankfully, gets to take Mrs. B with him to Kindergarten. Love.

Our new teacher is Mrs. D, and I already love her. She is very blunt....for lack of a better word....which I adore. She has very clear cut expectations of her students & their parents, she is very organized & has been teaching a long time. I think she might be the perfect Kindergarten teacher for my son.

I'm happy to report that Ethan had no tears or separation anxiety when taking him to school today....and neither did I! LOL!

Happy First Day Of Kindergarten, Ethan! I pray we have a great year!!!